• What we deliver!

  • 1. Tailor made surveys

    Each survey is designed specifically for an individual client, reflecting the needs and concerns of its staff, customers and organisation.

  • 2. Structured process

    ICMA Group works closely with your management team, following a step-by-step approach to ensure that appropriate attention is paid to all aspects of the research from the initial project analysis & questionnaire preparation through data collection, analysis, interpretation and results.

  • 3. Action oriented results

    ICMA Group presents survey findings in a straightforward, intelligible format to facilitate determination of priorities and the clear action plans necessary to improve your company’s position.

  • 4. Benchmarking

    Most surveys typically have some key questions in common. ICMA Group has developed a database of such core questions which allows us to benchmark your results against those of similar organisations.

  • 5. Culturally neutral results

    People express themselves in many different ways particularly across a range of countries or cultures. ICMA Group statistically robust analytical tools allow for such variations - facilitating a clear understanding of differences in experience without distortion due to differences in expression.