People Performance

ICMA's PPI® (People Performance Index) methodology

At ICMA Group, we stay ahead of trends and developments. As early as 1984, ICMA Group has been measuring employee satisfaction. Through years of research and client experience, we have found that it is useful to look beyond satisfaction. Recently ICMA revised its methodology of measuring the satisfaction of employees, the so-called ICMA People Performance Index (PPI)®.

ICMA revised its research model to support employers in their actions to build up and maintain high performance of current employees, to make sure that their employees want to stay with the organization and to attract the right people. This research model is based on the principle of the ICMA People Performance Index (PPI).

First and foremost, this model aims to create insight into the extent to which employees perform well (performance) and want to keep working for their organization (stay or retention).

Those 2 strategic indices are explained by underlying incentives or drivers: Connect, Proud, Trust and Challenge. All of these drivers have a certain impact on the main indices. Our model also takes into account the perceived barrier for the employees to change employer in the market. 

Within each driver, a number of questions is asked, structurally keeping in mind the structure of an organization: 

  • the employee as an individual
  • the team or department
  • the organization or the policy.

Finally, we also measure the perception of employees about the daily operational aspects. In their turn, all above mentioned drivers are influenced by operational aspects that are categorized into different themes, such as: the own job, direct supervisor, personal development, management/policy, communication, work climate salary and other working conditions, etc.


All obtained results, including the operational items, are benchmarked with ICMA database where all results of the most recent surveys are gathered for comparison reasons.

The total PPI-score, as constituted as an average score of the main indices, determines the label of your organization (AA, A, B, C or D). Organizations with an AA-label are part of the top 10% in the ICMA benchmarking database.

All of the obtained data is reported in a visual & comprehensive report format while we are guarantee 100% anonymity & confidentiality towards the employees that participate in the survey (on line or through paper surveys).

If you want to know more about our state of the art PPI® methodology, please contact us.