People performance

Are you successful in genuinely engaging your people to take your company to the highest levels? Are the people in your organization willing and able to execute your strategies? In short, how engaged are the people in your organization? What are the strengths and weaknesses of your organization?

People Performance Index For more than 25 years, ICMA Group has been measuring and monitoring employee engagement in various organizations by means of its People Performance Surveys. Together with our customers, we believe that an organization’s success hinges on its employees’ skills and willingness to contribute to the company’s goals. As such, the impact of employee engagement’s impact on business outcomes should not be underestimated.

At ICMA, we stay tuned to recent changes in the increasingly competitive marketplace demanding different methods of employee engagement. Therefore we developed a brand new tool to effectively measure your organization’s people performance:

ICMA People Performance Index (PPI)

The phases of the new ICMA People Performance process address three levels of the workforce: leaders, teams and individuals. The innovative approach to employee engagement lies in the direct link between the various drivers that measure engagement and the strategic People Performance Index (PPI). The PPI consists of the main strategic indicators Stay (retention) and Perform (competency), which are impacted by the four core elements or behaviours Connect, Proud, Trust and Challenge, each of them playing an effective role in your company’s strategy execution.

With this newly developed People Performance tool, we aim to offer effective methods for successfully engaging your people at every level of your organization to drive effective strategic execution.

Peter Daels

Owner ICMA Group