New Employer Branding model

The very first ICMA Group 3S® Award

3S® is the name of the new and unique Employer Branding model developed by ICMA Group. To launch this model in Belgium, ICMA Group has performed a benchmarking survey in the Belgian labour market to measure the extent to which retailers are able to attract top talent.

The independent survey was conducted by 1000 respondents in Belgium and identifies the 3S® score of more than 30 of the largest players in the retail market in Belgium.

The 3S® trophy was awarded during an event in The Hotel in Brussels. ICMA Group is happy to congratulate the first three employers who received their award:


The winner, Ikea, achieved the best 3S® score nationwide. Torfs came in on second place with the highest score in Flanders. With a good score in both parts of the country, Van Markce achieves a well-deserved third place.