Do you attract quality talent?
ICMA Employer Branding Quick Scan:
low cost & high impact
How seductive is your employer brand? It’s a capital question in times when a war for talent is raging. Do you find the talent you need? We help you on your way. With the brand new Employer Branding Quick Scan of the ICMA Group you discover your current status and the right actions to take. In no time at low cost with high impact.
The importance of finding and keeping the right talent (part I)

“We currently have a sales volume of 3 million euros. Next year we will grow towards 6 or 8 million. But we are missing out on more revenue. We can’t execute plans we know will be successful, because we don’t have the profiles we need.
Jonathan Cornelissen, CEO Datacamp

“There’s a lot of complaining about the shortage of applicants with the ideal profile to fill in existing job openings. For us, too, the talent pool impends to empty completely. The number of top talents is not endless.
Joël Stockmans, General Director Flexpoint

Questions you should ask
  • Is there a match between your desired image and how potential talent percieves it? Do you have a clear Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?
  • Is your EVP internally experienced?
  • Is your EVP translated correctly to your target groups?
  • How well is your EVP communicated?
  • What is your competition doing?
How we help finding the answers
ICMA specialists help you catch targeted talent using the Employer Branding Quick Scan.
Together we
  • discuss how easy or difficult it is for you to recrute
  • determine your current status
  • make a SWOT-analysis of your current employer branding activities
  • explore your opportunities
  • set and monitor KPI’s so you can act wisely

For the Employer Branding Quick Scan we use a checklist evaluated with your HR. We analyse your communication and competition and measure your EVP among (a sample of) your current employees.

You receive a customized report describing your current status and actions to be taken.

The budget for this high impact Quick Scan is low: just €950! (excl. VAT)
The importance of finding and keeping the right talent (part 2)

“Each year it becomes more difficult to get talents to choose for your organization. it is extremely important to organize processes in a way that no precious time is lost. If you don’t, candidates lose interest in you. Keep in mind there always will be another company to take your seat.”
Frédérique Bruggeman, Managing Director Robert Half BeLux

“65 percent of those who start working at a new place is looking for new opportunities after just three months. Onboarding is as important as attracting talent.”
Sander Poos, Managing Director Indeed Benelux

Your partner in Employer Branding

We have over 16 years of experience measuring employer branding. The ICMA Group invented and raised the concept of the Randstad Award into the biggest independent Employer Branding research worldwide (25 countries). In 2016 we launched our own, unique 3S-model to measure employer branding.