Customer Performance

Customer Performance

How well do you perform according to your customers?

Monitoring and following up on your customer performance is crucial for any healthy organization: we all want to know how to keep our customers happy and loyal. Indeed, satisfied customers lead organizations towards optimal value and profit. Therefore, it’s necessary to determine and follow up those KPI’s that truly matter.

So how do you know whether your company is living up to customer expectations?

And this is where the expertise of ICMA Group will coach (support, help, assist, …) you.

Our Customer Performance tool (Customer Performance Index or CPI®) delivers so much more than a simple assessment of customer satisfaction. With five key dimensions, we cover the most common topics of Customer Performance:

  • Satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Added value and relationship strength
  • Competitiveness or positive differentiation in the market
  • Market or ‘switch’ barriers

Furthermore, we use the vocabulary and terms familiar to your customers while addressing the issues that are important to them.


We don’t leave you lost in all the data. Our team of experts is always pleased to go through the results in-depth with you. Afterwards, we love to coach you to create the right action plan – and set the crucial KPI’s – in your organization that will help you increase your performance.


Make sure to let us know here how we can help you map your Customer Performance.