Customer Experience

Find out what happens in real working situations

At ICMA Group, we have an active network of experienced Mystery Shoppers available. 
Each of our Mystery Shoppers is trained during a personal briefing, either individually or during a group session. We never treat our Mystery Shoppers as a Mystery Person and that is why we do not offer trainings via internet, mail or telephone.

In their capacity of (potential) clients, our researchers will carry out a series of observations, for example when visiting the sales outlets of a distribution network. Practically speaking, Mystery Shopping can be a visit, but also a call, an email or a letter.

The ultimate goal of Mystery Shopping is to offer the unbiased picture of the situation. At ICMA Group, we distinguish four phases in a Mystery Shopping action:

1. Preparatory phase

Defining the objective of the action, creating a checklist, recruiting and selecting Mystery Shoppers, giving an in person briefing and training to the Mystery Shoppers and defining the report size.

2. Shopping phase

If requested, we send our customers a midterm feedback of the individual visit within 2 working days following the visit.

3. Reporting phase

Analysis and formal feedback per measuring wave.

4. Continuous improvement

What actions will be linked to the results of our Mystery Shopping actions? The ultimate responsibility for the continuous improvement lays with our customers but, if desired, ICMA Group is able to offer support on some levels during this process.

Looking for further information?

Mystery Shopping is more than just paying visits and reporting. It also involves the adjustment of a credible information system and takes into account the potential resistance in accepting the diagnosis.

This implies that a well-adapted communication concerning Mystery Shopping project is essential. Consequently, the results have to be legible and comprehensible by everyone involved in the process.

Credibility begins with an unambiguous understanding of the results. It's exactly that what the ICMA Group offers its clients. Feel free to contact us for further information. We'd be happy to explain our working methods to your managment team.