3S Employer Branding

ICMA Group helps you to catch the goldfish

Based on over 15 years of experience in international Employer Branding research, ICMA Group has developed a unique Employer Branding model and it goes by the name of 3S®. The research offers an answer to three core questions:

  • Size: how well-known is an organization in the labour market?
  • Seduce: how attractive is an organization in the labour market?
  • Star: to what extent does an organization succeed in attracting top notch employees in the labour market?

Unique dimension

This last Star-dimension makes the 3S® model unique in the world. Backed by scientific research, in close cooperation with the University of Hasselt, ICMA Group succeeded in determining a number of generic competences which are characteristic for "quality", broadly speaking, of (potential) employees.

Layered research

Next to offering an answer to these three core questions, which make up the 3S® Index, ICMA Group also works in layers, according to our other research models (CPI and PPI). The 3S® dimensions cover the strategic level of the model.

Secondly, ICMA Group also researches organizations on tactical level, i.e. we measure how an organization is perceived on a set of aspects. We survey how an employer is evaluated on a number of visual attributes (work atmosphere, work-life balance, salary & benefits, job security, etc.), but also on a number of corresponding emotive attributes (honesty, sincerity, feeling at home, competence, etc.)

Furthermore, when working for specific employers, it is also possible to include the company's own values into our research to see how the labour market responds to them.

What is it good for?

Due to the current war on talent in the labour market, organizations have many difficulties to find (the right) people for their vacancies. Most employers spend much time and money in their search for skilled people. Indeed, attracting and retaining talented people that fit in with the company culture should be taken seriously since this makes the difference in a growing enterprise.

ICMA Group's 3S® model helps organizations to gain more insight in the audiences they reach with their recruitment efforts. We aim to uncover differences between an organization's desired image and how potential talent perceives it. Through action-oriented advice, ICMA Group can help them to maximize their attractiveness (among target groups) and to strengthen their image on the labour market.

It goes even further...

Through the 3S® model, ICMA Group wants to help organizations to increase their profit and margins. Next to general image research, it is also possible to put focus on specific target groups (viewed by age, gender, function, education level, etc.). This allows any employer to find out what these people are looking for on the job market and enables organizations to adjust their core message to attract the best talent.

Sector specific research is also possible to gain insights about the image organizations have in their market.

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